What to expect from NeuroWorks?

 Through creativity and care, we will work with clients to facilitate personal growth to help navigate an often confusing and chaotic world. Together we will increase your self awareness, support you in finding the best answers to life- changing questions, and guide you to a more enjoyable life.



Psychotherapy, as known as “talk therapy” allows you to explore events and experiences with a mental health clinician who is unbiased, yet has a vested interest in supporting you to live your best life.

Psychotherapy offers a setting that is solely focused on improving the areas of your life that you view as challenging. Often, while in therapy, clients are enriched by what they discover about themselves and are able to take this information to assist in improving their foundation.

Brainspotting - NeuroWorks-2


Brainspotting is effective for a wide variety of emotional and somatic conditions. Brainspotting is particularly effective with trauma-based situations, helping to identify and heal underlying trauma that contributes to anxiety, depression and other behavioral conditions. It can also be used with performance and creativity enhancement. Brainspotting gives the therapist access to both brain and body processes. Its goal is to bypass the conscious, neocortical thinking to access the deeper, subcortical emotional and body-based parts of the brain.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy
A structured therapy that encourages the patient to briefly focus on the trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (typically eye movements), which is associated with a reduction in the vividness and emotion associated with the trauma memories.

Peak Performance Training services

Peak Performance Training

Are you an athlete? A student? Are you struggling to complete tasks at work? It is possible that you are neither but can benefit from enhancing your performance in your field. Clients of peak performance training report changes such as: enhanced focus, improved relationships and leadership, faster processing rates, less
anxiety and worry, mental agility and flexibility, improved memory, better temperament, ability to remain calm in the face of pressure, greater presence, accelerated learning, an ability to disconnect from work and engage personally, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Marriage counseling services

Couples & Marriage Therapy

Whether you are in a new relationship or an established relationship, periodically we encounter speed bumps where additional support may be required. If you are experiencing challenges with communication, conflicting ideas on child rearing, financial concerns, or infidelity, you are at the right place.
Couples therapy provides a setting for couples to discuss their challenges in an environment that is honest, supportive, and objective.

Group counseling and clinical supervision

Group Therapy

Periodically, the practice offers group therapy opportunities. We will launch several groups over the next few months related to the pandemic, body image and parenting.

Clinical Supervision services

Clinical Supervision

We are happy to support your efforts to earn clinical supervision hours. If you are a social work intern or a social worker in Illinois and need supervision hours, NeuroWorks would be happy to work with you.



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