Finding Balance in Every Aspect of Your Life.

Welcome to NeuroWorks!

NeuroWorks is a Chicago based practice that provides mental health services that are clinically sound, confidential, and in a judgment-free environment. We support individuals of various backgrounds that are looking to maximize their cognitive health and performance.

The practice provides individual, couples, family, and group counseling and we work with adults and adolescents. Our goal is to support you in making meaning of your life experiences and help you overcome some of the speed bumps you have encountered in life.

We look forward to working with you and meeting your mental health needs.

NeuroWorks Services

Psychotherapy (talk therapy)

For Individuals, Couples/Marriage, and Group


For emotional and somatic conditions.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Peak Performance

Enhance performance in your field

Our Mission:

At NeuroWorks we are committed to exploring quality therapeutic interventions that help enhance client’s effectiveness and their ability to cope with their individual life challenges by facilitating improvement in focus, mood and brain performance.

Our Values:

Innovation, Vitality, Wellness & Enhanced decision making & Performance

Our Vision:

NeuroWorks aims to successfully improve cognitive functioning, attention, mood, and behavior for various populations such as students, employees, athletes and individuals who struggle with performance in a variety of domains.

Tashauna Waters, LCSW, CGP

Tashauna Waters, LCSW, CGP

President of NeuroWorks

“I waited 10 years after I got my Masters to pursue my dreams of becoming a LCSW. I let “life” get in the way of making time to sit for the exam. I am positive that Neurofeedback is what helped me pass my clinical exam! It relieved my anxiety, enhanced my mood, sharpened my attention and improved my learning. I literally passed the exam on the first try, 10 years later!”



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Suite 435
Chicago, IL 60615